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Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?


It is because one antelope blows the dust from the others eyes, that two antelopes walk together” ~African Proverb


This proverb gets to the heart of spiritual direction.  Spiritual Direction is the ministry of walking alongside another, to help them discern the presence and movement of God in their lives.  Often times our lives get too busy and cluttered to slow down and pay attention to the things of the soul and spirit.

A spiritual director helps you sift, sort, and reflect, not only on current issues, but also on patterns, movements and blind spots – both good and bad in your life.  Over time, a spiritual director becomes a trusted guide into areas of soul health and spiritual freedom.

What Spiritual Direction is not?


Counselling – counselling is problem focused, looking at the roots of an issue, helping to come to a place of healing and acceptance of the issue. Spiritual direction is not this but may include this.

Life Coaching – Life Coaching looks at your whole life, helps you make changes in ways you live in the world, helps you find greater success in all you do. Spiritual direction is not this but may include this.

Mentoring - mentoring focuses on a specific area or skill you want to grow or develop. Spiritual direction is not this but may include this.

Who Needs Spiritual Direction?


Everyone!!  Oftentimes people seek a spiritual director during seasons of change, to help with the discernment process. This usually leads to a life-long journey with another, not only to seek discernment in the big changes of  life but also to seek it in the ebb and flow of everyday routines.  


What does a session look like?


A typical session is an hour long. It is mostly a discussion in which the director asks pertinent questions that probe beneath the surface to help discover the presence and movement of God. The director is listening both to the directee as well as the Holy Spirit for wisdom and discernment. The pace is slow, reflective, prayerful, and safe.


The aim of spiritual direction is to “aid in the process of being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of (self), others, and the world.” ~Les Steele

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